Doug Frohman
“The Seeker” w. Asian figurines
80″x 60″
oil, enamel on canvas

Randi Russo
“Pandora of the Desert”
64″x 84″
Acrylic on canvas

Kevin Swallow
“On the banks of Bubbly Creek”
36″x 60″
oil on canvas

Veronica Bruce Woodward
63″x 48″
oil, acrylic on canvas

Tim Anderson
“Nocturne – Bill Evans”
42″x 36″
oil on panel

Ted Stanuga
64″x 64″
Oil on canvas

Pamela Staker
Abstract study – Road Trip #6
60″x 48″
oil and collage on panel

Susan Redeker
“Games We Play”
20″x 20″
Collage, Mixed technique, pins on panel

Our Advantage

Art Selective provides a number of advantages for selecting new art for your clients. Being seasoned, professional artists, we have worked on a wide variety and scope of custom art placement projects.  We understand the complex coordination that goes into site-specific design in working with both corporate and residential designers and their clients.

Not being bound by specific styles of work or restrictive contractual relationships, the artists who make up Art Selective’s widely-expanding pool of professional artists, offer you the widest range of styles of work, formats, themes, while streamlining the process of review, selection and purchase.

In addition, by offering a direct channel to our inventory, both interior designers and art consultants as well as the artists are able to keep more of the proceeds from each project.