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How We Work both streamlines and simplifies the process of acquiring fine art for your custom client projects. Being professional artists ourselves and having worked on a significant number and variety of projects like yours, we understand the complex coordination that goes into interior design projects and working with clients.

Early in the process, once we understand the scope and specifics of the over-all project plan, we further assess elements such as the following:

  • Budget
  • Style of works
  • Client sensibilities & sophistication (what they like, what they don’t)
  • Number and size of works
  • Stage of work
  • Time-table and stage completions

Understanding these parameters, we will select and present 1-2 artists whose specialties, style of work, mastery of materials and creative experience would provide a superb solution for the project requirements. If it doesn’t seem to you or the client like a good fit, we will continue looking until we find the artist.